The Top 5 Best HP Printers

Given the amount of use a printer gets in an office, it is important to buy the best possible printer in the market—one that facilitates an efficient work flow. While it may seem inconsequential, printer malfunctions could cause delays and could hold up the work place for an indefinite time period.

Since it is imperative that a smooth work process is maintained and that your printer does not need to be constantly repaired in prolonged use, we have compiled a list of the best HP printers in the market for home or office use:

1. HP Office Jet Pro 8720

Best HP Printers

The 8720, is a state of the art marvel of printing technology that is equipped with color printing, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. One of the most distinctive features of this model that renders it a grade above other models is the stupendous 36 page a minute printing speed.

While the model is perfectly suited for any printing needs that may arise in an office or at home, it is still a little pricey and the design is too bulky to be convenient to install. Common issues with the model include connectivity drops when in wireless mode, even it might abruptly switch modes to enable scanning and resizing of documents sometimes causes prints to slow down due to connectivity issues.

2. Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Best HP Printers

The Sprocket is a high quality portable photo printer with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to print photos on the go. The lightweight compact design of the Sprocket is perfectly suited for printing needs through cell-phones and tablets, for the photographer and anyone wishing to print while travelling or on the move.  The device is slightly expensive that may make you wonder of its worth for money. Besides the pricing issue, the Bluetooth mode for the sprocket experiences glitches sometimes, you might not be able to reconnect to the device after connectivity is dropped and the battery life reduces significantly in short spans of time.

3.The Envy 4520


The Envy 4520, is a cost-effective and reliable solution to all your printing needs. This is one of the cheaper models produced by HP. It weighs only 11 pounds and comes in a compact design that makes it convenient and easy to install.

The shortcomings of this model are that it does not print more than 20 black and white pages and 16 color pages a minute, that make it slower than most other models.  Furthermore it lacks Ethernet connectivity and often exhibits connectivity issues in wireless mode such as not connecting to the network or suddenly dropping the connection.

4. Officejet 4650 Wireless

The Officejet is a sound choice if you are looking for a compact design and better printing quality than the Envy 4520. The model has Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity; however it is still costlier with regards to value for money.

The 4650 prints at the same rate as the Envy 4520 and also lacks Ethernet connectivity. The office jet exhibits connectivity issues when connecting with tablets and phones, you might also experience slower printing rates over time.


5. LaserJet Enterprise M506x Wireless Monochrome


The M506x is your typical office printer that combines durability with functionality with none of the niceties of the other models mentioned above. It is incorporated with advanced security and energy saving features and prints up to 45 pages a minute.

The Enterprise model is one of the less impressive models in terms of the range of printing options it offers, does not scan or print in color, you might experience issues when setting resolutions for prints and some users also complain of incompatibility of the printer with windows 10.

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