Common Issues with HP printers

Issues with HP printers

Sitting in your office, trying to get printouts and suddenly find that the printer’s not responding? Or maybe the deadline for your paper submission is almost half hour past and your printer was inspired to become the bane of your academic career and jammed.

We’ve all been there and it is profoundly frustrating how a simple printer has managed to throw a wrench in your life plans. There’s no need to fear, printer helpdesk shall enlighten you in the ways of the printer.

Here are some common issues with HP printers that you might face and how you may resolve them:

Paper Jammed in the Printer

Common Issues with HP printers

Paper jams are perhaps the most common of printer problems; also the most frustrating. Particularly when printing reports that tend to utilize several pages, one paper jam could halt everything midway.

Also, this usually happens because someone (not pointing any fingers) has gotten paper stuck in the paper tray. Removing any bits of paper in the tray would resolve this problem in a jiffy.

The Print Keeps Being Sent To The Wrong Printer

If you notice that you just sent a print to the wrong printer, go to the control panel on your OS. You will find a list of printers under the heading of printers and faxes. Just select your printer and set it as default. This will cut out the hassle of selecting your printer every time you need to print something.

Your Printer Seems To Just Keep Displaying “Error 50.4”

Despite the seemingly technical nature of this issue which may require an in-depth understanding of the inner mechanisms of a printer, it really just means that there is an issue with the power supply. Try unplugging and re-plugging your printer into the power outlet, and this should stop your printer from saying “Error 50.4” all the time.

The printer will not print

This usually indicates either a connectivity issue between the source and the printer. If you are connected by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you could try placing the printer closer to the router or the source and resend the print.

If the problem persists, reinstall the printer drivers and reboot the printer. This usually resolves the issues.

If by some chance, you feel that there might be something seriously wrong with your printer, short of complete breakdown; you should probably call HP Printer helpdesk for all the HP printer support you might need. Our HP printer specialists should get you right out of your printer jam in no time. Get in touch today by calling us at +1(844)659-9897 or visiting:

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