HP (DIY) Printer Maintenance Support

Diagnosing a Hp printer support malfunction is a life skill. Usually these problems are easily fixed and require a sharp eye rather than any technical skill. It may seem like a complex piece of machinery, but most printers are far too well-built to experience major breakdowns; at least not with much frequency.

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Printers are a very under rated piece of technology. These machines are at the center of all major correspondence that takes place within the organization. When a printer breaks down you can expect all types of havoc break loose in your office—it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Above all of that, it pays to know how to treat your printer right so that it never gives up on you. With some careful steps you can ensure that the Hp printer support stays with you through thick and thin. These steps are:

Consult the User’s Manual

All brand new printers come with an instruction manual that outline the steps to clean the printer. It’s always a bad idea to go scavenging for pieces inside the machine, because messing with the delicate machinery can cause full blown breakdowns.

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These maintenance steps will tell you what parts are detachable, their correct placements and will be a great help if something does go wrong during the procedure. Remember, those guys created the thing; they probably also know how to clean it out.

Temperature Control

Temperature control in this case also extends to environment control. As with all pieces of machinery it is important that you keep your printer shielded from extreme environmental conditions. This implies that it should be placed away from direct sunlight, high humidity and areas with heavy air conditioning.

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The more you expose your printer to different temperatures or humid environments, the more likely it is that it will start breaking down.

Prevent Paper Jams

This is a fairly common issue and a cause for much frustration. Paper jams can hold up printing for long periods of time and might also take a while to fix sometimes. With a few minor precautions, you can avoid the whole debacle altogether. These steps are:

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  • Do not overfill the paper tray. It is less likely for multiple papers to get caught in the print engine if there are fewer papers in the tray. It is less likely that the paper would fit better.
  • Make sure that the papers aren’t damp or stuck together.
  • Try to not send multiple print commands to the printer at one time.

Keep the Printer Dust Free

If you leave the printer as it is to catch dust or if any other contaminants make their way into the mechanisms, it may cause the printer to malfunction. Keep the printer as clean as possible by using a small vacuum to keep it dust and pollutant free.

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If you follow these small tips, you may yet enjoy a long and fruitful relationship with your office or home printers. Lack of care and maintenance is the number one cause of major printer breakdowns and needless expenses on repairs or replacements. As long as you keep your printer happy, the printer will keep printing out papers like there’s no tomorrow.

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